Social Media Strategy for Media Artists

Social Media: Content Strategy

The key to succeeding with social media is to have a constant feed of fresh content that is engaging, timely, and fun to read or view.

To help get you moving forward, below is our quick guide to the goals, factors of success, key analytics, and optimal content strategy for keeping your existing followers and influencers interested and engaged, as well as for attracting new fans to your craft.


  • Increase traffic to websites. 
  • Build the band’s awareness in the music industry. 
  • Interact and engage with fans and potential agents/producers. 
  • Create trust and build stronger relationships. 
  • Monitor and manage the band’s reputation. 

6 Factors for Success

  • Update social networks often with content that is engaging, timely, and fun. 
  • Make social media part of their everyday life to maintain momentum. 
  • Offer exclusive content and encourage fans to visit those sites to get access. 
  • Review analytics weekly and adjust the content strategy accordingly. 
  • Cross market social media sites with each other. 
  • Keep a backlog of posts and tweets to ensure timely sharing and posting. 

Content Strategy


  • 1-2 posts per day about the artist’s day, using high valued keywords. 
  • 1-2 posts per week with link to latest blog article (if applicable.) 
  • 1 post per week with a fun, behind-the-scenes video relating to the artist’s craft. 
  • 1 post per week asking fans for feedback or to vote on something. 
  • 1-2 shared content posts per week to the artist’s media (music, videos, or photos.) 
  • 1 shared content post per week about other artists and the specific industry. 


  • 1 tweet per day about the artist, using high valued keywords. 
  • 1-2 tweets per week with link to latest blog article (if applicable.) 
  • 2-4 tweets per week with random thoughts/real-time location comments. 


  • Consistently add major videos to YouTube channel, such as music videos, snippets of live performances, and press interviews. 
  • Create 3-4 videos per month of scenes behind the scenes while performing your craft, i.e. for musicians, videos while backstage at shows and events or practicing or writing in the studio. 


  • Keep the account page updated with the most recent songs, videos, photos, press, and event information. 
  • Proactively reach out and follow other artists in the same industry/genre. 


  • Qualitative analytics for measuring awareness and engagement
    • Number of likes, followers, shares, comments, and more. 
    • Participation in online events and call-to-actions. 
    • Traffic driven to websites and blog. 
  • Quantitative analytics for measuring sales and performance leads
    • Number of fans who purchase art, photos, music, and/or media. 
    • Number of RFPs or solicitations you acquire for potentially working for a client/venue. 
    • Number of actual events you get booked for.

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