5 Step Web Marketing Plan for Artists

Web Marketing Plan: 5 Steps 5 Goals

An artist should spend the majority of his or her creative time honing the skills needed to become a great artist.

However, in addition to creating amazing media and content, a strong online presence is required to be able to quickly and effectively spread the word about your craft. And that can seem like a daunting task considering the steep learning curve that is necessary to launch an digital marketing plan and strategy. If an artist was able to quickly establish a strong presence on the web and put into the motion the strategy of generating fans and followers through engaging content, there would be much more time to dedicate to his or her craft.

To help get you moving forward, below is our quick and easy 5 step digital marketing plan for media artists. A successful implementation of the plan should yield the top 5 goals also below.

5 Step Digital Marketing Plan

  1. Launch an official website and blog, optimized for search and social sharing, filled with multimedia and music/photography related topics. 
  2. Promote existing social media sites with a focus on engaging content, frequent posts, and availability to respond quickly to fan comments. 
  3. Increase organic search rankings through optimization of content and a balanced amount of pertinent and engaging media on the website. 
  4. Create a mobile friendly website with easy access to important information, videos, music, photos, and links to social media sites. 
  5. Create an email marketing campaign to keep fans in-the-know on upcoming shows/appearances and song releases, as well as access to free downloads. 

Top 5 Goals

  1. Build awareness of the artists’ brand. 
  2. Increase traffic to the official website and all social media sites. 
  3. Create trust in the band and build relationships with social media. 
  4. Communicate with fans in real-time via social media and live web video chats. 
  5. Utilize new technologies to make it easy to engage with the band and attract multiple audiences in B2C and B2B.

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