Digital Marketing Roadmap (Phase 3)

Phase 3: Analysis, Adjustments & Results

The third phase in launching a successful digital marketing plan is Analysis, Adjustments, and Results, in which the business adjusts the campaign based on the initial analysis and results.

The prior two phases were implementation of digital assets and research and assessment. Following the strategies throughout these three phases can help an organization achieve their goals of increasing traffic, leads, engagement, trust, and ROI. Once analysis of the campaign takes place, the business will have the necessary data to adjust the campaign to make it even more effective than when it launched.

1. Analyze and Track Digital Analytics

  • Determine the key performance indicators to measure the success or failure of campaigns.
  • Utilize appropriate “big data” tools for leveraging data across all digital channels to generate analytical insight to reveal customer behaviors:
    – Digital Analytics (Adobe SiteCatalyst, Google Analytics) to analyze website trends.
    – Marketing Automation (Optify, HubSpot, Eloqua, Marketo) to track leads.
    – Social Automation (Hootsuite, Sprout, Spredfast) to monitor/manage campaigns.
    – Landing Page Optimization (Unbounce, MaxInbound) to test landing pages.
    – Other Miscellaneous Tools (Social Mentions, Google Alerts) for various optimizations.

2. Measure Digital ROI

  • Determine ROI from traffic, leads, and conversions from the company website.
  • Determine ROI from brand awareness and positive sentiment from social, PR, and Word of Mouth.
  • Determine ROI from brand advocates from social, PR, and Word of Mouth.

In conclusion, digital marketers who use the right combination of paid, owned, and earned media for their organization will maximize their chances of acquiring new customers. In addition, the use of specific digital marketing tools to manage, monitor, and measure campaigns will result in better customer insights to produce more leads, build more brand awareness, create more trust, and generate more ROI.

Having a solid digital marketing plan is the best way to go from establishing a first-class online presence to creating a practical opportunity for a sale. With careful planning and focusing on the most impactful digital media and marketing tools, an organization will be in a prime position to achieve all of its digital goals.

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