Digital Marketing Roadmap (Phase 1)

Phase 1: Research & Assessment

The first phase in launching a successful digital marketing plan is Research and Assessment, in which the business makes specific decisions about the goals of the plan.

The two phases that follow include the implementation of digital initiatives, and the analysis, adjustments, and results of the campaign. Following the strategies throughout these three phases can help an organization achieve their goals of increasing traffic, leads, engagement, trust, and ROI. Once a direction is determined in the research and assessment phase, the implementation of the paid, owned, and earned media can begin.

1. Develop Company Personal

  • Determine the personality of your business depicted in digital communications with customers.
  • Determine the primary marketing messages delivered to customers that allow them to personally relate to the company and gain their trust.

2. Benchmark Current Sales & Marketing KPIs

  • Determine if the current sales/marketing goals are able to uphold expectations and motivation.
  • Determine if a reprioritization of digital goals and projects on digital initiatives are necessary.
  • Determine if new problems have been created or if old problems have resurfaced.

3. Goal-Set Traffic & Lead Generation Objectives

  • Determine what goals will lead to the desired growth for the following year.
  • Determine what goals will lead to the most motivation and excitement among employees.

4. Define Ideal Customer Profiles in the Digital Space

  • Determine what the ideal customers want, and what makes them change their minds.
  • Determine what media is the most cost-effective for reaching the ideal customers.
  • Determine how the ideal customers prefer to receive messages about the brand.

5. Research Competitor Presence in the Digital Landscape

  • Determine your competitors’ strengths that cause customers to choose them over you.
  • Determine your competitors’ weaknesses that provide an opportunity to gain an advantage.

6. Create a Sustainable & Flexible Schedule

  • Utilize a schedule to ensure the most important digital campaigns meet their dates.
  • Ensure the marketing team always knows what they should be doing on any given day.

Next up is phase two of the digital marketing roadmap: implementation of all decided digital initiatives in paid, owned, and earned media.

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