10 Ways to Engage in Social Media

Achieving success in social media

There are many ways to engage in social media. The ten methods in this post can help boost engagement and provide users with content they want to consume.

1) Be transparent

  • Take your customers behind the scenes in a video.
  • Allow senior management on Twitter.
  • Read, act on, and respond to reviews, and actively solicit feedback.
  • Introduce your team, and let your customers meet your employees online.

2) Build trust

  • Have an internal blog to let your employees know first about major announcements.
  • Communicate with your customers/stakeholders and community via your blog.
  • Show empathy and interest in your community to build appreciation.

3) Tell a story

  • Creating the coincidences that lead to an emotional connection.
  • Connect with someone affected by your story and form a potential relationship.

4) Reach out to influencers

  • Identify those who influence someone to take an action, i.e. click a link or share a post.
  • Read and share their social media content from your social media account.
  • Ask them to participate in a webinar for your company or be interviewed for your blog.

5) Respond to positive feedback

  • Thank your audience for the kind words they leave on your blog post, Twitter or Facebook wall.
  • Return the favor. Take note of their latest post and share it with your network.
  • Add them as a guest contributor. Ask individuals who have the passion to contribute.

 6) Respond to negative feedback

  • Respond quickly. Social media users have come to expect a rapid response.
  • Don’t delete. Your customers may take that as a sign that your brand is uncaring.
  • Don’t feed trolls. Stay focused on constructive criticism.

7) Have a clear focus

  • Don’t be too corporate, and have a conversational tone.
  • Respond with enthusiasm, empathy, creativity and warmth.

8) Share throughout the day

  • Share at various times of day to determine the best times for your content.
  • Don’t post content at times when your primary audience is asleep.

9) Find, create, and share content

  • Find, collect, and share relevant content your industry and engage your audience.
  • Produce and share your own content to show a commitment to your industry.
  • As you write and share, see what works. Ask your community what they like.

10) Follow your following

  • Following those that follow you on Twitter to grow your overall following.

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